Grant Denyer lunchbox shamed for ‘inappropriate’ snack

Allison Yee

It’s the rising trend that sees parents rapped over the knuckles for treats they send their children to school with, but Aussie star Grant Denyer was left shocked after he was lunchbox shamed over a homemade snack he made for his daughter.

Grant, who is dad to daughters Sailor, six, and two-year-old Scout, opened up on the incident on his 2Day FM radio show Breakfast with Em, Grant and Ed.

“A letter was sent home from Sailor’s school for having an inappropriate item in her lunchbox,” he revealed.

Grant admits he felt like the 'worst parent in the world' after receiving the letter. Photo: Instagram/grantdenyer

The offending treat?

A gluten-free chocolate-chip muffin which Grant and his daughter made together, with the star claiming it ruined what he thought was a ‘lovely father-daughter’ experience.

Grant and Sailor had spent the weekend making the treat. Photo: Instagram/chezzidenyer

While the muffin might sound like it ticks the healthy boxes, Sailor’s school didn’t agree, and made their opinion on the treat very clear.

“The note said it was inappropriate because it was an unhealthy item in a lunchbox and that contravenes school policy on lunches,” Grant revealed on air.

Parents have increasingly come under the spotlight for what goes into their kids lunchboxes. Photo: Getty

For those outraged over the lunchbox shaming, Grant’s co-star Em Rusciano, who also has two daughters, played devil's advocate, pointing out sugary snacks are a serious problem that schools need to address.

Grant's co-star Em, middle, pointed out schools do need to keep tabs on what goes into kids' lunchboxes. Photo: Instagram/grantdenyer

“We have problems in this country with childhood obesity and too much sugar, so we should be patting schools on the back for caring about our kids’ healthy eating,” she said.

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