Bright green 'UFO' seen flying over cars

Bianca Soldani

It’s not uncommon to see people’s necks craned towards the sky on New Year’s Eve, but people looking towards the heavens in the UK saw something other than fireworks this year.

A large, round object that appeared to be glowing green, was seen shooting across the stars to the amazement and confusion of onlookers.

Vision of the moment was captured by the dashcams of a number of cars that were on the road at 5.30 that evening, and it’s easy to see why people were puzzled.

On social media, witnesses speculated that it may have been aliens or a rouge firework, but the International Meteor Organisation has called it a fireball, and received 706 sighting reports from across England and Scotland that night.

It was captured flying by on a dashcam. Photo: YouTube

A fireball is a very bright meteor that looks a lot like a shooting star. They’re only visible for a few seconds.

People have reported seeing them in a range of colours including yellow, blue, red and green.

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