Grilled scampi, celery and bagna cauda

Grilled scampi, celery and bagna cauda

  • Serves 6
  • Preparation time:
  • Cooking time:


12 large scampi
200g butter
200g extra virgin olive oil
10 cloves garlic
100g anchovies
1 white onion
1 bunch of celery
10 granny smith apples, juiced


Clean scampi, removing shell carefully to avoid damaging the meat. Reserve the claws.
Slide a wooden skewer through the scampi's underside, only just piercing the flesh. Line tray with silicon paper and place the scampi on tray.
For the bagna cauda: crush garlic with a small amount of salt in the mortar and pestle. Heat butter and oil, add garlic and anchovies and leave to steep until dissolved. Do not color.
To make celery ragout: blanch onion, skin on, until cooked through. Clean celery, removing the base and reserving the leaves. Peel celery and cut into batons. Keep all offcuts. Blanch the celery in boiling salted water for ten seconds, then refresh in ice-bath.
Peel the onion and cut in half through the core. Then slice with the grain in similar lengths to the celery.
Juice the apples with the celery and the darker leaves, strain and place in a sous-vide bag with the celery and onions.
Mix together.
Celery leaf salad: wash the reserved celery leaves, toss with the infused celery ragout.


Bagna càuda is a dip typical of Piedmont, Italy, but with numerous local variations. The dish is made with garlic, anchovies, olive oil, butter, and in some parts of the region cream. The dish is traditionally served warm and eaten by dipping raw, boiled or roasted vegetables.