These gruesome Halloween brows are too much

Sabrina Carder

Over the past few months, we’ve seen our fair share of bizarre beauty trends, but nowhere more so than in the brow department.

Beauty bloggers and makeup artists have been contorting their brows into all kinds of shapes — from feathers to barbed wire and squiggles. We thought the eyebrow trend had reached peak weirdness, but we were wrong.

The squiggly brow trend has now been given a gruesome new twist just in time for Halloween, in the form of wavy, cut-out brows oozing blood.

Makeup pros eyesobell and Jodie Evans, who are both hugely popular on social media, have taken to Instagram to share the very realistic and terrifying look.

Jodie has even created a tutorial - watch above - so that anyone who wants to can channel the spooky brows this October.

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You start by brushing up your brows and coating them with a makeup adhesive that will flatten them, allowing you to cover your natural brows with a special prosthetic makeup wax.

Once that is dry, you can cut out a squiggle shape and fill it in using fake blood.

So if you can’t be bothered to go the whole hog and dress up as Harley Quinn or a Stranger Things character this year, simply try this creepy brow look — which is sure to scare a few people.

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