Guy pops cyst with candy cane

Carly Williams

Merry Cystmas, everyone!

Just when you thought the Interwebs was done with these vile pimple-popping videos, along comes a cyst-popping video to end 2016 with a, er, bang.

Jason wanted to be festive and pop his cyst with a candy cane this year. Photo: Storyful

Jason, known as ‘The Wrist Cyst’ guy, has a regular web series where he pops the ganglion cyst on his wrist with a small thumb tack.

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Apparently he has some very loyal followers.

Well this week he tried to make the regular popping of his ganglion cyst a festive affair, using a sharpened candy cane.

Photo: Storyful
Photo: Storyful

Sadly, the cane wasn’t up to the task, so he had to resort to his old favorite; the thumb tack pin.

Photo: Storyful

Just try and get through the whole video at the top of the article - or skip to the end for the gory scenes!

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