The Songs Guy Sebastian Doesn't Want To Hear You Sing

Jessica Clark
Yahoo7 Entertainment

It's been two years since Guy Sebastian has appeared on our X Factor Australia screens, but in 2015 he is back and ready to mentor some hot new talent.

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But there's one thing he doesn't want to hear, and it's you trying to sing songs that are almost impossible to master.

When asked what song makes him instantly cringe during audition stages, Guy was quick to jump in with his number one suggestion.

"Anything by Sia...even she hates singing that song [Chandelier] live," he said.

No conversation with Guy is complete unless there is at least one sing-a-long, and the ex Australian Idol winner was all too happy to demonstrate just what happens when a Sia song goes horribly, horribly wrong.

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"The verse is cruisey, it's easy..." he showed us (complete with some soulful dance moves), before he busted out into a high-pitched, screaming imitation of the popular song's chorus.

"It can go very badly," he laughs.

Lucky for us, these disaster auditions make for some very memorable TV moments.

X Factor Australia starts Sunday, September 13 at 7pm on Channel 7.

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