Hangover-free beer is officially a thing

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You want to go out, but the thought of spending the rest of the weekend nursing your poorly head is making you want to turn down a night in the pub. If only you could spend a night on the beer without the hangover fear?

Earlier this year we reported on the fact that a new type of synthetic alcohol is on its way that could well kick hangovers the heave ho, but while we wait for that you’ll be glad to know there’s another booze innovation in the pipeline that also plans to help us to live in a hangover-free world.

Beer, glorious beer. Source: Getty Images.

Beer hangovers to be precise. In life-changing news of the day, Dutch beer maker Thomas Gesink, has revealed he could well have uncovered the secret to making beer which gets you nicely sozzled, but doesn’t leave you bed-bound the following day.

Apparently it all came about when the De Prael brewery in Amsterdam was challenged to create an alcoholic tipple that reduced the effect of a hangover.

Understandably the clever little inventor is keeping the exact hangover-free formula close to his chest but he has revealed a little about the recipe so we can get an idea of how it all works and tastes.

Bottoms up. Source: Getty Images.

“It’s a pilsner-style beer with 4.5% alcohol, but we researched what we needed to add to make for a lighter hangover the next day,” Thomas told Metro.

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But the genius-ness doesn’t stop there as the boozy beverage is also loaded with a shedload of hangover reducing ingredients such as Vitamin B12, sea salt to prevent dehydration, ginger to keep sickness at bay and willow fibres which are thought to have a cleansing effect on the body.

Sadly, the beer is only available at the De Prael brewery in Amsterdam at the moment, but what better excuse to book a vacay away to test it out for yourself? Bottoms up!

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