Hanson Irate as Court Orders Government to Compensate Asylum Seekers

A group of asylum seekers who were detained on Manus Island over four years will receive a combined $70 million payout from the Australian government to settle a lawsuit alleging physical and psychological harm.

On Wednesday, June 14, One Nation senator Pauline Hanson slammed the settlement, which came after the group alleged the Commonwealth breached its duty of care, the ABC reported.

“We have pensioners who can’t afford to heat their homes, people can’t get operations because we don’t have enough hospital beds, yet the government is handing over millions to people who tried to come to Australia illegally,” Hanson said in a Facebook post.

In April 2017, Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court declared the detention of asylum seekers at the island was illegal, prompting the class action.

The lawsuit was on behalf of 1905 detainees, news.com.au reported. Credit: Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain via Storyful