Harrison and Ryan can't stop laughing during interview

Olivia Morris

Tumbler glasses and a bit of whisky at ready is always going to make for an interesting interview.

That definitely was the case when Harrison Ford, 75, and Ryan Gosling, 36, sat down to chat about their new movie Blade Runner 2049 on UK talk show This Morning.

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling couldn't stop laughing when they sat down for an interview recently. Source: ITV / This Morning
Interviewer Alison Hammond came prepared. Source: ITV / This Morning

Interviewer Alison Hammond was clearly up for a good time as she came with alcohol at the ready.

Admiring the tumbler glasses, Ryan was impressed as Alison told them the glasses were from the original Blade Runner.

“Are you a fan of the original?” he asked.

“Never seen it,” Alison replied bluntly, bursting into laughter which paved the way of how the rest of the interview went.

The three of them just looked like they were old friends. Source: ITV / This Morning

With jokes, laughter and drinks flowing, the three seemed like old friends.

Alison attempted to take control of the interview by getting back to the subject on hand, asking what Harrison’s interest was to take part in the sequel 35 years on - the actor joked, answering: “Show me the money!”

Harrison Ford joked he only signed onto the film because of the money which left his co-star in hysterics. Source: ITV / This Morning

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What a brilliant interview the co-stars took part in. Source: ITV / This Morning

Ryan, clearly feeling a bit left out at one point as Alison declared to Harrison, “You’re my man today,” then proceeds to jokingly ask the camera crew if they needed his assistance.

The whole interview is just a general laugh fest with a few mentions of the film here and there.

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