Harry Styles Gets Hit in the Crotch With a Water Bottle

Joanna Holcombe

The One Direction member has come under fire (yet again) from an over zealous fan, this time copping a water bottle to his, ahem, member, during a show in Ottawa, Canada, this week.

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The 21-year-old was playfully spraying audience members with water during the show when an excited fan decided to repay the favour, throwing a water bottle at the singer.

You know where this is heading -- the thrower was a really, really ridiculously good shot (or a really bad shot -- honestly what were they hoping to hit?!?) because next thing you know, Harry's copped a crotch shot and has doubled over in pain.

Other recent on stage incidents for Harry include getting sconed on the head with a flying can of red bull, falling over, and, yup, falling over again.

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Oh, and this isn't the first time Harry's copped an inanimate object to the groin -- in 2013 he was the recipient of a flying shoe to the crotch.

Check out more of Harry's recent on stage mishaps below.