Harvey Weinstein tried to 'teach' sex scenes to an actress

Rebekah Scanlan

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has been hit with fresh allegations of assault, this time by a young actress who claims the movie mogul tried to 'teach' her how to perform in sex scenes wearing only a towel.

Vietnamese hopeful Vu Thu Phuong says that during a meeting with the disgraced producer in 2008 to discuss her blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the movie Shanghai, Weinstein made an inappropriate pass at her.

In a lengthy post to her Facebook, she alleges that she went to his hotel to discuss a new film contract with a more prominent part and was horrified by what unfolded.

Vu Thu Phuong had a fleeting role in Weinstein's movie Shanghai. Source: Facebook

“I sat there waiting [for him] alone with a heavy heart because I didn’t know what the new movie would be like,” the Saigoneer reports her as saying. “Everything suddenly turned dark when I saw Harvey Weinstein standing before me with only a towel around his waist, smiling.”

The model said he then asked her if she wanted to star in movie that would involve filming sex scenes, assuring her there was no need to be nervous.

“I can teach you, don’t worry. Many stars have also been through this,” Vu Thu said in her post. “Just treat this as necessary experiences so that you’ll have a stronger foundation in the future.”

Harvey Weinstein is at the centre of a huge sex scandal. Source: Getty

When she refused, Vu Thu said she became fearful for her life.
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“I was thinking at the moment that if he were to rape me or kill me, would anybody find out and stop him?” she said. “It was an extremely horrifying feeling. My head was tensing up. It felt like my nerves would snap.”

The model said she feared for her life when she refused him. Source: Facebook

Vu Thu's accusations against the Oscar winning movie producer follow dozens of other female actresses, journalists and industry professionals who have come forward in recent weeks with claims against him, following an exposé in the New York Times that claimed he'd been abusing women for over 30 years.

The FBI and police are said to be working together to investigate at least three alleged rapes.

After deciding she didn't want to 'sell herself to enter Hollywood' the wannabe gave up on her hopes of being an actress.

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