Has Beyoncé given birth?

Amy Stevenson

While she never announced an exact due date, the Bey Hive is going into overdrive speculating that their queen Beyoncé has already given birth to her twins!

Since her glorious pregnancy announcement back in February where she and hubby Jay Z confirmed were adding to their brood and giving prodigal child Blue Ivy not one, but two siblings, Queen Bey has carefully orchestrated an ingenious social media plan to show off her ever-growing bump while still managing to keep the fandom guessing.

While the world waits for the twins' arrival, the Bey Hive have spent months speculating about Beyoncé's pregnancy, giving theories on everything from the sex of the bubs, to what they'll be called and in recent weeks, suggesting the 35-year-old has already popped them out.

Bey last posted this snap to Instagram on May 30. Was she trying to throw off the Bey Hive? Source: Instagram

Adding weight to this theory is the fact Bey hasn't uploaded anything to Instagram since May 30, when she shared an adorable photo of herself holding Blue above her belly on the Memorial Day long weekend in the US.

Since that post, it's been crickets, dead silence and we have heard nothing from Bey.

However the snap raised suspicions among the Hive that the "Drunk in Love" singer was repurposing an old photo for the post, with fans commenting that her bump looked bigger in photos upload on May 22 from the Carter Push Party, than it did on Memorial Day.

Others went deeper, looking to Bey's hairstyle and suggesting that the crimped hair she was rocking in the Memorial Day snap was an attempt to throw people off by posting a throwback with Blue.

And while she's known for changing her hair often, Bey was last seen with that hairstyle in early May, with theories saying that the snap is from around that time as Bey then changed up her hair for the push party a couple of weeks later.

Bey's bump at the push party was noticeably bigger on May 22. Source: Instagram
Also note her hair: Bey last rocks crimps early May. Source: Instagram
Where as at the party, Bey switched up her locks. Source: Instagram
Bey shared this snap mid-May. Source: Instagram

One of the biggest clues that the blessed twins have arrived is the Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles-Lawson was apparently spotted at a LA hospital at the end of May!

On May 5 Radar Online reported that the Carter family had moved into a new house close to Cedars Sinai Hospital so our Queen wouldn't have to travel as far when it was go time.

Twitter user @TheKalenAllen shared a photo of Tina at the hospital on May 21. Convenient? We think so!

Adding weight to the theory was the fact Beyoncé's sister Solange was due to perform in Boston on May 25, but pulled out at the last minute.

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She later went on apologise and offer a reason for her no-show in a tweet, saying "tons of production drama/delays got all up in the way", however the internet seemed to think it was a cover and that "production delays" was code for "my sister has just given/giving birth to twins and I must be there".

And finally, Jay Z was spotted SOLO on June 1 in Oakland California after watching the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game One of the NBA Finals.

Where's Bey Jay? Huh? Where was she?! Beyoncé was last seen courtside with the rapper on April 30 during the play-offs, but she was a no show during the first finals game. Could it be because Bey's at home looking after twins?!

We're onto you Bey... Show us the twins!

Jay court side at the NBA Finals SOLO on June 1. Source: Getty
Where is Bey, Jay?! The rapper leaves the court on June 1 SOLO. Source: Getty
Queen Bey was last seen with him on April 30. Source: Getty
Beyonce's glorious pregnancy announcement in February. Source: Instagram

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