Healthy Halloween

As children across the country decide between superheroes and ghouls for the perfect Halloween costume, many parents may be having trouble deciding which treats would be best to share with trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. For relatively nutritious treats, you might consider the following suggestions from the American Dietetic Association:

  • mini-packages of trail mix
  • cereal bars
  • boxes of raisins
  • bags of mini-rice cakes
  • jelly beans
  • gummy worms
  • gum

Another alternative may be non-food items. One small study of children's Halloween picks found that items such as stickers or Halloween toys and trinkets can be just as appealing to children as the traditional candies and chocolates.

Finally, encourage children to select only one item at each house, rather than handfuls of treats. This will help keep things manageable once you get home and avoid candy overload!