Heartbreaking tweets will leave you sobbing

Allison Yee

You know that feeling you get when you see a beautiful old couple, holding hands and looking more in love than ever?

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Well, one man has taken to Twitter after a heartbreaking encounter with that couple in his life, after serving them regularly at his local pharmacy.

This couple's love story has left the internet devastated. Photo: Getty

James Morales reveals he just had to share the “saddest experience of his life” after seeing the man, who used to come to the pharmacy two or three times a week with his wife to pick up their medications.

This all changed when one day, the old man came into the shop alone, prompting James to wonder why.

James describes the heartwrenching moment as the elderly man stood in front of him, with tears in his eyes. The man then told James how upset he was that he hadn’t passed before his beloved wife.

As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the man went on to give James and his co-workers some wise words he wish he had known before his wife had died.

Some wise words we should all take heed of.

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