Here’s why you should never ask a male model about Zoolander

Sarah Carty

Note to self: when interviewing male models, refrain from asking them about anything to do with Zoolander ever again.

That's a lesson I learned after speaking to international male model and former athlete, 27-year-old Melbourne-raised Jarrod Scott, just before he took to the catwalk for the David Jones Spring/Summer 2016 fashion show last night.

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Scott, who decided to ditch his dream of AFL stardom to become a model spoke with Be about how he got his six-pack ready for the show, the biggest misconceptions about male models and why he can't stand when people ask him about Zoolander.

Jarrod Scott walking during the David Jones Spring/Summer show last night.

"It’s one of my pet hates when people bring up Zoolander," Jarrod told Be, clearly frustrated at the mere thought of the comedy, which stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and is based on two male models caught up in a corrupt fashion world.

"It’s a funny movie that’s about it . That’s all I have to say on the matter," he said.

Moving swiftly on, Scott, who was trying out to play AFL when he got the call to walk for Givenchy, told me there are massive misconceptions about male models in the industry, claiming it's "backwards" when it comes to equal pay.

"It’s pretty much the only job where it’s backwards and women get paid like ten times more than us," he said.

"We don’t get as much attention as the girls, women are more idolized. Of course we still get a lot of attention but in comparison we don’t get a much.

"I’m definitely not complaining, I’m still very happy with what I earn and it is what it is."

Jarrod is pictured showing off his incredible physique on the David Jones runway.

Jarrod was in the Philippines in 2012 when he was scouted by a modelling agency.

Since then he has graced the cover of fashion bible Vogue Hommes, walked for Givency and has been the face of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Fragrance, setting in stone his status as the new international model to watch out for.

However his sights weren't always set on modeling as he was an avid AFL player when he was younger, even trying to break into the industry professionally until the fashion world came knocking on his door.

"I did try and break into the AFL but I could never get a spot and then I took a season off and that’s when I did the modelling," he said.

Jarrod quit modelling after a year, hoping to focus on AFL however when he was back playing he got a call from Givenchy saying they wanted him for their show.

"I said I’ll be gone a week tops to my coach and then I was gone for a week and while I was over there I booked the cover of Vogue so that’s when I made the decision," he said.

"I thought; you know what it’s going to set me up for a few years and I’m glad I made the choice that I did.

“You grow up thinking you’re going to do something and then you do something completely different. I’m definitely not complaining I love what I do."

The Aussie is being hyped as the next big international male model.

Last night was Jarrod's first time walking for David Jones and he admitted that he's been working out and sunning himself on his New York rooftop, with coconut oil.

“I was here for a month and I didn’t have any sun over the Christmas period. I just couldn’t be bothered going out and laying in the sun so I was pretty pale," he said.

"I went back to New York for about 10 days before the show and I was just laying on my rooftop trying to get as much colour as I could before the show . It was pretty unbearable it was really hot."

When it comes to his workouts, Jarrod claims he loves nothing more than taking his bike out around Manhattan and smashing it out with a sweat session in Central Park.

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