What does a $87K T-shirt look like?

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The Hermès crocodile and chiffon T-shirt retailing for $87,000 CREDIT: Imaxtree

How much would you pay for a T-shirt? The luxury designers at Fresh fashion house, Hermès have produced a T-shirt that will set you back an astronomical AUD$87,000.

The men’s T-shirt, which debuted in the brand’s spring 2013 menswear collection in Paris, was designed using an innovative lightweight dyed crocodile and chiffon material.

Retailing at the label's Madison Avenue men’s store in New York, it’s hard to believe anyone would be willing to fork out the money (or remortgage the house) to pay for a T-shirt that costs more than most cars, a year’s rent.

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The exclusive garment is one of many in Hermès’ luxury T-shirt line, with items retailing from AUD$57,000-95,000.

For those with spare change, the chiffon crocodile shirts are also available in a short sleeve crewneck version.

It goes to show that when it comes to high fashion, luxury doesn’t come cheap, even if it is only a T-shirt.

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