High-class call girl, 23, on making $5,000 an hour

Kristine Tarbert

A woman that’s been working as a call girl for two years has revealed she manages to pocket $5,000 an hour for her services.

While she never set out to work in the sex industry, the woman going by the name Jess Jones was trying to set up an e-commerce business when she met someone who pointed her in that direction.

Though she wasn’t sure at first, when she heard how much money could be on offer she organised her first client.

Jess became a call girl two years ago. Photo: Getty

“Most girls have to work their way up to earning what I can charge,” Jess wrote in a piece for Nine Honey.

“But when I started at my agency, I stuck to my guns and fortunately they had confidence in me and started me on my current rate of $5,000 an hour.

“Am I worth the money? Of course I am.”

Jess revealed she hasn’t told her religious parents about her job, instead insisting she is a promo girl as they wouldn’t accept her job.

Now she works a maximum of only two days a week with one booking per day, and can earn anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 a week depending on the length of each booking.

She now earns $5000 a hour. Photo: Getty

“Plus I make extra in tips. My biggest ever tip was 10,000,” she said.

When it’s not money she is also being gifted designer clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery.

Jess said most of her clients generally want to have a drink or dinner first and then do stay pretty standard in the bedroom. Some don’t even want to have sex, instead they pay her to “hold their hand in public”.

She stressed the difference between doing what she does as an escort and being a prostitute. For her it’s more than just sex as she has been trained by her agency in sensual arts, massage and conversation.

“You’re paying for drop-dead good looks, but you’re also paying for versatility. I’m worth every penny,” she wrote.

She says not all of her clients want sex. Photo: Getty

Jess also revealed the majority of her clients are married men, bankers and lawyers among those most frequent.

And while she earns a lot she also spends a lot on her appearance, going to the salon for pedicures, manicures, waxes, tans, facials, massages, and to the hairdresser to get a wash and blow-dry several times a week.

Then there is the new dresses, heels and lingerie she buys for her work.

But after two years Jess said she is looking to the future and thinks she will soon try something else. While not in a relationship at the moment she is looking forward to love, marriage and children.

“That will all follow eventually, but for now I’m just making hay while the sun is still shining,” she said.

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