High maintenance models: How to woo an Angel

Penny Newton

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Sorry not sorry - Martha Hunt reveals herself as high maintenance in the new Victoria's Secret video. Photo: VictoriasSecret.com

Note to men – if you’re planning on being Martha Hunt’s boyfriend you’d better be a mind reader, or at least the compliant type.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel, who appears alongside Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo and Adriana Lima in the new Valentine’s Day video claims that being in love “means never having to say you’re sorry,” to which Prinsloo quickly responds “bullsh*t.”

Hunt then backtracks, saying:

"If my boyfriend screwed up and didn't say he was sorry I don't think that would end well for him at all." She adds she also needs “lots of compliments.”

Lima goes on, "there's nothing wrong to make mistakes but what is wrong is not to be sorry about it."

So romantic - Lima reveals she flew to Paris just to tell a man she loved him Photo: VictoriasSecret.com

Karlie adds, “when a man loves a woman he has to show her.”

“He has to treat you the way you should be treated,” says Behati.

Talking about their maddest moments of love, Martha then reveals how she missed Christmas with her family to fly to Mexico to be with a guy she just met. "Sometimes we lose control when we're in love," she says, while Adriana flew to Paris for 24 hours to tell a man she loved him.

The Angels pose up a storm for the new Valentines Day collection Photo: VictoriasSecret.com

"It makes you go nuts, your brain freezes," says Adriana.

Another model suffering from brain freeze is Karlie Kloss who can hardly get her words out. "Let me tell you what's crazy about love," starts Kloss. "I don't know, I'm gonna start talking about love, I'm turning red. I'm gonna stop talking about love. Crazy, stupid, love."

Photo: VictoriasSecret.com
Photo: VictoriasSecret.com

Get in the mood for Valentine's Day and watch the video below

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