WATCH: What were these people thinking?

Kristine Tarbert

Have you ever seen someone do something and thought to yourself, ‘I can’t believe they tried that!". Well, this is the video for you.

Watch as people decide for some reason to do the stupidest and strangest things, all in the hopes of capturing the epic achievement on camera.

Well, fortunately for us the did capture everything on camera. Except instead of 'amazing feats' it's more like hilarious fails.

Note to self: Don't stand on a motorbike. Photo: Storyful

Take the guy trying to ride the motorbike standing up. We all know that just isn't going to go well.

Or the man attempting to hit a golf ball while standing on the least reliable form of garden chair available.

Source: Giphy

Why? You might be asking yourself. Well it's all for our entertainment of course.

Best not to try any of this at home.

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