WATCH: Screaming dad completely freaks out over moth

Kristine Tarbert

A hilarious video of a rather huge New York man completely losing his mind over a moth has got us all in hysterics.

The footage of Justin was filmed by his wife and shows the dad freaking out as he tries to deal with a moth in the family’s kitchen.

“He’s getting ready to take off right in my face,” he says in the video as he approaches the moth.

Justin completely freaks out when the moth flies at him. Photo: Youtube

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Meanwhile, his wife filming is struggling to contain her laughter.

He tries to hit the moth with a shoe before jumping back and screaming.

'How am I going to do this?' Photo: Youtube

“Oh my god how am I going to do this?” he asks frustrated.

His wife responds: “You realise how much bigger you are than that moth?”

See how it all unfolds in the video above.

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