Hillary Clinton Calls Reporter Out For Dessert Shaming Her

Nora Crotty

If you’ve ever wondered how much you have in common with Hillary Clinton — an ultra-wealthy, lifelong politician with an affinity for pantsuits and scrunchies — I’d recommend watching this clip.

While campaigning in New York this week prior to Tuesday’s presidential primary, the Democratic candidate stopped by East Village ice cream shop Mikey Likes It to do some schmoozin’ and indulge in a little frosty snack.

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A videographer was thankfully there to record this landmark event.

So Hil’s just digging right into that sweet, melty deliciousness when, suddenly, a faceless reporter/paparazzo/party-crashing member of Team Trump shouts out, “What’s the calorie count?”

o which Clinton replies, “Oh, come on! Oh, BOOOO!” and proceeds to have another bite as her people rally around her.

In other words, Hillary Clinton eating too much dessert is you eating too much dessert — and no matter what the Constitution may say, no one has the right to get in the way of that.

Could this mean that if she were elected president, they’d finally get rid of those life-ruining calorie labels everywhere?

Oh, and for the record, Mr. Man, a typical ice cream sundae contains about 284 calories.