Holly Hagan Melts Down While Filming Geordie Shore

Danica Baker
Yahoo7 Entertainment

The filming for Geordie Shore has started, and as expected, so too has the drama.

Holly Hagan broke down into a hysterical fit of tears in the streets of Magaluf. While Gary Beadle tried to comfort her Holy screamed at him to leave her alone.

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'Don't you f***ing come near me! You're as bad as him.' She screamed at him, in an obvious reference to what Gary put her best friend, Charlotte Crosby, through recently..

Holly screaming at Gary.

It’s thought that Holly is distraught over someone sleeping with her ex boyfriend, Kyle Christie, who she was in a relationship with on the reality show.

In the clip Holly screams, 'I've just heard that she's been f***ing sh***ing my ex!' though it’s unclear who she’s referring too.

There’s hints that the girl in question could be co-star Chantelle Connelley though, as she is seen pointing to a spot near Holly shouting at a security guard telling him: “Look at my extensions on the floor.”

Chantelle pointing at extensions.

However, the blame could be shifted off Chantelle after she tells the hysterical blonde, 'Listen Holly, I did not know.'

Guess we’re just going to have to tune in to find the source of all the drama.