Holy smokes! Denver opens a luxury pot hotel

Annie Daly
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Holy smokes! Denver opens a luxury pot hotel

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It’s high time Denver opened a luxury weed-friendly hotel.

The city, which has become an increasingly hot pot spot ever since Colorado legalized marijuana, has already hopped on the so-called “bud and breakfast” train, opening numerous 420-friendly boutique hotels and cottages. But they have yet to open a big-brand, luxury weed hotel — until now.

Enter the Nativ Hotel, a luxury hotel, club, and restaurant — and, now, the first upscale pot hotel of its kind. The hotel is already open, but starting on Thursday, they are going public with their 420-friendly policies.

The hotel has 16 rooms total, and eight of them have balconies. Starting on Thursday, guests will be able to hang out and legally smoke on those balconies. The hotel is also equipped with fun things for guests to do once they’re high, like wander around and look at the sweet artwork on the walls, listen to music in the Stereo Lounge in the basement, and even stop at the deluxe coffee bar for a special CBD-infused latte. (Though, of note, CBD itself does not get you high; it’s a compound in marijuana that has medical effects.)

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But while the owners have already created a chill environment for guests who imbibe, they are also quick to point out that the hotel isn’t just about the greens. It also features classic five-star luxury amenities, like glass showers in every room, hot tubs, spa services, and even Monsieur Bartenders, a system that can mix almost 800 combinations of cocktails. “We have something for everyone here at Nativ,” owner Mike Alexander emphasised to Fox 31 Denver.

And if you happen to enjoy any of those somethings — like a hot tub session or a private massage — after you spend some time on your balcony? Well, we’re guessing that you’ll have an extra amazing time, maaan.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.