Johnny Ruffo reveals all about his cancer battle

Natasha Lee

Johnny Ruffo has opened up about his brain cancer battle for the first time since being diagnosed with the disease.

The former Home and Away star originally went to the doctor for a migraine, only to have a tumour removed. Further tests revealed the growth to be malignant.

Johnny post-surgery. Source: Instagram

Speaking to New Idea, the 29-year-old has revealed just how close he came to dying.

“Without the operation, there was a 100 percent certainty I would have died because of the pressure on my brain,” Johnny said.

Johnny and his mum. Source: Instagram

Doctors managed to remove 95 percent of the tumour, with the actor saying the other five per cent was “too close to nerve ending to get it out”.

He explains: “If they had tried and something went wrong, it could potentially have caused paralysis all down the left side of my body.”

Johnny and his girlfriend Tahnee Sims who has been by his side the entire time. Source: Instagram

Johnny spoke about the days following the surgery, saying they were tough and that he was “talking garbage, even worse than usual.”

“But within days I was back to being myself again. I was confident, I was just sure it was all fine.”

But it wasn’t all fine.

Johnny posted this photo to Instagram after getting the bad news. Source: Instagram

Johnny and his family soon learned the growth was not only cancerous, but a rare kind of the disease which only affects three per cent of brain cancer patients.

Despite the hard road ahead Johnny is staying positive and has encouraged his fans to do the same.

Johnny during his time on 'Home and Away'. Source: Channel Seven

“It happens to all of us,” he said. “But stay strong and you can fight it”.

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