Home camera catches delivery man's epic fall

Rebekah Scanlan

Surveillance cameras are usually designed to catch crooks.

But in this case it captured something so much better — a delivery man's epic tumble down some stairs as he leaves a house.

It's a real blink and you'll miss it moment, but if you watch the above video carefully you'll see him trip on his way out in the reflection of the door's glass pane.

Things start off great with the delivery man placing the parcel in front of the door. Source: YouTube

The delivery man's day had started much brighter, successfully delivering the parcel to its recipient and also partially thanks to his fluorescent yellow jacket.

But after taking photos (it's common practice as evidence of delivery) the unknown man turns to walk away, only to take an epic stumble down the steps and land on his bottom.

But as he turns to walk away, things go horribly wrong. Source: YouTube
The whole thing is caught in the reflection from the glass door pane. Source: YouTube

The whole hilarious moment would have been missed if it wasn't for the reflection in the glass pane of the door and the hidden camera.

Now the clip is going viral for it's comical value, with thousands commenting on the clip online.

He appears to tumble completely over, hopefully not injuring himself. Source: YouTube

"He fell like a baby panda tumbling down a slide," one wrote on YouTube.

It certainly is an epic fail. We just hope he wasn't too badly hurt in the fall.

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