Home hack to get rid of spiders for good

Allison Yee

If there’s anything as bad as being surprised by a huge spider on your wall in the middle of the night, it’s gagging on the entire can of insect spray you’ve flooded your room with in a bid to kill it.

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Now it’s been revealed there’s actually a simple way to banish eight-legged intruders, and leave your home smelling minty fresh in the process.

Scared of spiders? You need this easy home hack. Photo: Getty

The secret? Peppermint oil.

According to the Sun, all you need to do is mix together 20 drops of peppermint oil into a bottle of water.

A simply peppermint oil spray will see spiders flee. Photo: Getty

After giving your house a good clean to get rid of any Huntsman hiders, spray the mixture around your house.

It’s believed spiders hate the smell and will evacuate the area, so it’s best to spritz around the entrances to your home.

Source: Giphy

It's a natural remedy, so some suggest applying more frequently than other insecticides. Try spraying once a week, but if your creepy crawlies show their eight-eyed little faces again, up it to once every couple of days.

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