Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Any pressure you've felt to complete a project, perform, commit or (gulp) conform will ease. With the benefit of hindsight you'll see that much of the perceived burden was self-imposed. Any creative blockages or obstacles impeding your progress will also dissipate leaving the path clear and giving you the green light. Every year comes with a slew of promises and pressures. Have you found out your number 1 challenge and opportunity in the year ahead? It's here in my free mini-guide that will help you to create, plan and predict your life.

Week beginning Monday, 22 January 2018

The Sun is in your sign so people are watching you and maybe even judging you a little bit. How does that make you feel? Does it stir up any fears that you have? We all have fears and part of our mission here as humans is to work through those misgivings about ourselves! So make your 2018 birthday present the gift of self-love. All the things which are 'different' about you are what make you uniquely wonderful! Work through self-doubts. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of January

No sleep for the wicked! Your year gets off to a flying start thanks to a full moon on the 2nd in your sector of routine, health and work. This is THE best time to make good on personal promises involving these areas of your life. Download some upbeat tunes or inspiring podcasts for an early morning exercise fix or try using walking as your main mode of transportation. If you weren't satisfied with work last year start looking for something more challenging or navigate the landscape within your current to field to see if there's room for growth. In terms of daily routine, shaking up the way you do things will also open the door to new possibilities and opportunities. Just be aware that the full moon heightens drama and emotions so before you to something impulsive and possibly irreversible count to ten, consider all outcomes and, above all, don't burn any bridges! For those who are one step ahead with plans already in the pipelines for the past sixth months you'll start to see rapid, positive progress.

Socially, this is a fantastic month to mingle with new people, especially during the first half of January. The second half though you mightn't feel quite as vivacious and will only want to catch up with close, low maintenance friends. With go-getting Mars in your sector of image, status and career, your charisma will be an asset so network and use every occasion to combine business and pleasure. You'll be a prime position to ask for and get what you want by mid-month but it will require you to be proactive. Don't expect a promotion to land in your lap or your next dream job to appear on a silver platter. However, if you pursue your aspirations with gusto they will be yours for the taking. Treat your instincts like a compass and allow them to guide you. This is especially true with matters of the heart. Playful Venus in your sign from the 19th turns up the romance for singles and couples!

Madcap, unique, zany, eccentric, unusual and dedicated to humanity are the words often used to describe you. Are you bored of those labels? OK. Well there must be some Aquarians out there who do not fit those descriptions but I have yet to meet any of them. Honestly, when I found out that Paris Hilton is a Water Bearer, I felt totally different about her. She probably is as mad as she seems! Aquarians are the mad scientist of the zodiac and you probably know it - she is no doubt conducting some very weird experiment in What It Means To Be Famous. I mean, how UNUSUAL is her life?!

So is there anything that's not amazing about you? Well, sometimes you have a tendency to come across as a teensy bit unapproachable or even detached. Sometimes you might seem just a little bit disconnected from others - including people who love you so much. This is partly because you're an Air sign and you do have a tendency to allow your mind to wander. Which is how you pick up your brilliant ideas. But do be aware - you can come across as Not In Touch With Reality (there's that P. Hilton again) and/or Your Feelings.

Your modern ruling planet is the one with slightly shocking name, Uranus, and you're the one with the ability to really surprise those around you. Uranus also rules electricity and flashes of brilliance, as well as chaos theory. For you, variety is the spice of life. Taking at least one adventure a month suits you well. It doesn't matter what the adventure is, as long as it's pleasant - you love a good surprise. And your friends and beloveds love you because you're so eclectic. Your true fans know that behind your slightly zany ways - and sometimes apparent cool aloofness - is a treasure. Be careful of a tendency to drive people away when you would rather they came closer. You do give off mixed-signals sometimes.

Your world view is one of the most appealling things about you. You see things from a slightly left-of-centre perspective which is not only refreshing but original. Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac, the one who loves to experiment and, as a result, breaks new ground. You have a laissez faire attitude - in fact, for some people it's all too much. Sometimes you're only mistake is having ideas which other people can't get their heads around. You're a fixed sign, which means you can be a little bit stubborn when people aren't seeing things you way. You don't always have time for social niceties either - but your best friends understand that doesn't mean you're not gorgeous.