Saturday, 21 April 2018

Travel. Work. Expansion.
If you really want to get away from it all, the skies strongly support you in booking something. Long or short haul isn't really the issue, though going somewhere far away could actually be really fun for you now. Travel planet Jupiter is in your zone of Big Trips. Is there someone far away that you need to see? The next few days support you in deciding to go! Especially if you can work, teach or study while you are away. PS Four months into 2018, I thought now might be a very good time to offer you my guides to handling the pressures of 2018 at a special price. Just click here !

Week beginning Monday, 16 April 2018

If change is what you want when it comes to cash, property and/or possessions, then change could well be what you're going to get this week. Do set aside something for a rainy day. You still have unpredictable Uranus in your Cash Zone for a few more week. But also, do go with the flow financially. See where opportunities are opening up to you rather than trying to control everything. Your seven-year financial roller coaster ride is nearly over at last.
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Month of April

If you work, watch out! It could be tempting to rush into a new cash deal or financial negotiation this month. Act too soon however and you might regret your decision. It's a similar scenario if you're debating whether to borrow money from a friend or your parents, pay for a holiday or help out someone close financially. Caution is advised at least until mid-month.

Yet what happens halfway through April could be extraordinary as a sequence of planetary events has a knock-on effect, potentially transforming your money situation overnight. Firstly, communication planet Mercury turns direct in your Money Sector on the 15th and the following day there's a glorious New Moon in this same part of your horoscope.

This is a double whammy of good fortune and a brilliant time to launch a money-making venture or invest in an activity that could change your life. This isn't an overstatement either because your traditional ruler Jupiter and your modern ruler Neptune are both strong, boosting the synchronicity factor.

Put all this together and mid-April is full of opportunity. Sign up for a personal development course, explore your spiritual nature or book a travel adventure with friends, whatever is right for you. The more you embrace new experiences, the more you get back in return.

Be careful however who you hang out with this month. You have a sympathetic nature but you don't want to get involved with a friend who's being drawn into the dark side of life. Stay away from anything illegal and avoid people who like to wield their power. Instead seek out kindred spirits and be around friends who make you happy (not sad!)

It's not a big month for love although you'll start to recognise who's good for you and willing to give you the love you deserve. Look out for an honest individual who's both a loyal friend and a caring lover.

If you've read your astrology books, you will know that Pisceans are supposed to be the romantic, poetic dreamers of the zodiac - the ones who have visions and are somehow mystical. Lovely! But my fave Piscean fact is that uber-business man Rupert Murdoch is one of you. He hardly comes across as some sort of floaty poet BUT does that guy have vision or what? Yes, don't be mislead by the tales of Mystery and Imagination which surround your sign, you are also someone who can deal very well with the modern world.

But about that Mystery side of you. Even if you don't talk about it with your friends, you're almost certainly aware that you're what psychics call 'sensitive' you can pick up vibes (very handy in business as well as in your personal life). You are usually considered the most otherworldly of the zodiac, even if others don't know that about you. Pisces does also rule music, drugs and wine.

Pisces is the imaginative minstrel, the lady with the crystal ball that fills with a mist, the generous drunk, and the artist. Pisces is associated with not one, but two rulers, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the avuncular Father Christmas of the zodiac who makes you give with your heart, mind and money. He's also the planet who allows money to slip through your fingers. Neptune is the planet who confuses us all, and in whose fog we find delightful Piscean mysteries. You're a mutable sign you move as the tide takes you. Your symbol is of two fishes swimming in opposite directions, which is a lot like you.

You can be a business person, with a tough veneer and a sharp suit, while underneath it all is a Jupiter/Neptune softy - a mushy person who is sometimes a little too susceptible to coercion and suggestion, always open to enjoyment and perhaps even sometimes a little too self-indulgent. And maybe plays guitar. You can calm people down just by walking into the room and your generous spirit pervades any gathering.

A Water sign, like Cancer and Scorpio, you are rarely the one with the sharp tongue or the raised voice. You're far more likely to merge with something soft and slither away from trouble than to head for it well, most of the time! You give people hope and faith when they're lacking it. You have visions that few can match, which is where your psychic gifts come in. Listen to your intuition because it has much to teach you, just as you have much to teach others about using their intuition. Whether or not you get it, Pisces is a super spiritual sign. Part of the reason for this is that your sign knows how to make sacrifices for others when required.

You have lesser boundaries than most and you will give a part of yourself for others. But you're nobody's fool and can be effective in business. It's important to be honest and to avoid playing the martyr. Help others to learn patience by showing them the value in going with the flow.