Thursday, 24 August 2017

Venus makes a harmonious link to Chiron today offering the potential for deep healing in a friendship or relationship. It's our expectations of others that cause us pain. They say, "if you love someone, set them free". Contrary to what you think, this can only deepen your connection/s with someone. Find out your rising sign at here.

Week beginning Monday, 21 August 2017

What if I told you that all the problems you have in your life, all your fears and secrets, are all just figments of your imagination? I know it's almost impossible to comprehend, but that is what most ancient wisdom and modern psychiatrics tell us; "what you believe to be true is true for you". With the eclipse this week in your 12th House, it's time for you to clear out your fears. Fears hold us back terribly! Meditation will help. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of August

Welcome to August and Eclipse season!

Life is changing fast in August - noticeably, and subtly, behind the scenes.

As you enter the month the Sun is in Leo, (the part of your chart that relates with dreams and subconscious,) drawing you on a soul-search. Reflect on how far you've come over the past year and clarify a vision for the coming year.

On August 8th the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse in your house of work, study, health, and daily routines, asks that you consciously clear space.

De-clutter your study/work and living space, let go of habits that don't serve you, and take care of your health -- mind, body and soul. Then you can invite in more of what you need. Your life needs to work for you as much as you work for it.

If you have important purchases to make, contracts to sign, or communication to send out, ideally I'd suggest, you do it before Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo on August 12th.

After that you enter a very personal process of review, revisions, renegotiation, questioning beliefs and assumptions - so you can live more authentically.

As the Leo New Moon and Solar Eclipse aligns on August 22nd, if you're feeling lost or in the dark - take time to meditate, sit in silence - the answers you seek are within.

There's a dream birthing in your soul, and once the Sun enters your sign on August 23rd, it's time to do what you do best - make a plan and make it happen.

Oh to be a discerning Virgo! Everyone goes on about how Virgos are critical, don't they? Have you heard that one? You know, you can't walk into a room without noting that the place needs vacuuming, or that the windows need cleaning, or that whoever you're with hasn't shined their shoes. Or whatever. Pah to that!

Firstly, as you undoubtedly know, there are plenty of Virgos out there in the Real World who couldn't keep their home tidy if their life depended on it. Secondly, it's not that you're just born critical, it's that you can't help noticing what has and hasn't been done up to scratch. And because your sign is about service. and about being of service to others, you often believe you're doing the right thing by pointing out flaws to others. And heck, it's not a great astro-job, but someone has to do it. Traditionally your sign represented the women who sorted the grain from the chaff - ie: who had to be good at seeing what was worth keeping and what was no use at all. This is where your ability to be - ahem - let's call it super-discerning comes from. And yes it is a mixed blessing!

But Virgo is about much more than fault-finding. For one thing, your ruler is Mercury and you have a fine mind which you're usually quite good at expressing.

You may not be the most flamboyant person in town, but you have your feet on the ground, and you help others get theirs on terra firma too. Being an Earth sign, you don't usually have time for fripperies, however, that quick mind of yours means you're smart enough to see the funny side of most situations.

One thing is true though - you love your routines and woe betide the person who swoops into your life thinking that they can alter them! Having a routine makes you feel safe and secure. Sometimes, though, breaking out of those routines can bring you the breathing space you need.

You're also usually the sporty type and if you're not engaged in team sports or regular as clockwork runs and swims, you at least pay a lot of attention to your diet. In fact, you're very handy to have around. A few weeks with a Virgo and even the slobbiest person starts to feel healthier in mind, body and spirit!

You're an excellent listener with great timing and you make a great teacher. Just avoid doing so much for others that you forget to look after yourself. You're also reliable, gorgeously modest and ranked amongst the Great List Makers Of All Time.