Monday, 21 August 2017

Dreams of expansion can be a focus today, and you want to take full advantage of any opportunities you have to expand your life in new ways and have new experiences to be exposed to new situations and people. You can feel full of life when you're exploring and expanding. Want to get to know yourself better? Try one of our free or paid horoscope reports, based on your time, date and place of birth.

Week beginning Monday, 21 August 2017

Here it is; the week of the second New Moon in Leo in a row (which is already something) and it's an eclipse! Literally, now is the time for you to turn and face the direction you want to go in. Every now and then we humans get a chance to do our lives over, to make changes, to lives out our dreams. You truly are getting one of those changes this week. Write down your top 10 wishes and visualise them. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of August

The biggest highlight of the month for you, Leo, will be the eclipses, with lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your relationship zone early in the month, and a solar eclipse in your sign on the 22nd. This brings focus on both yourself and others, and the lunar eclipse helps you work on being more serious about your relationships and focusing on letting go of the unhealthy ones. The solar eclipse brings great energy for you to use to begin a new project, venture, journey, or idea that doesn't just occupy you for a short period of time. You're embarking on something much bigger, s go big. Don't be afraid to take a huge step. The energy is on your side. Venus helps, entering your sign late in the month, and it can be easier for you to focus on your own wants. The Sun is in your sign during the first half of August, and you can find it easier to make your desires a priority.

August does have one wrinkle in it with Mercury, the planet of the mind, turning retrograde midmonth in Virgo, and you can have difficulties focusing on the work that needs to be done during the second half of the month, or feel that all you do is work and you're not taking enough time to have fun. You need to work on balancing the two, and not getting stuck in one way or the other. Both work and play can be important.

Leo, Leo, Leo. You're admired far and wide - and oh-so-worthy of our admiration. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun - your sign is arguably the King (or Queen) of the zodiac. Your ruler is The Centre Of Our Universe - and unlike the rest of planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc), who sometimes appear to go backwards (ie: retrograde), your ruler the Sun just keeps ticking forwards, over and over. And you Leos are like that, too. With no time for the past, you are confident and even headstrong, happy to just keep moving, not holding grudges, not usually given looking back. Lucky you.

You CAN be intimidating - do you realise that? Your self-assurance knocks some of the meeker, milder signs off their feet. Try not to come across as though you are totally able to do without others - you can put on such a convincing act that the rest of us fall for it, and so are not there for you when you need us. Get it?

Leos are the pussy cats of the zodiac, for sure, but they're also the Lions and Lionesses. Depending on your mood, you can chew us up or smother us in warm loving licks that bowl us over. Anybody's who's ever loved a Leo knows that to love you is to be in awe of you.

So how do you do the things you do? With a constant vibrancy and passion enough to start a fire. Actors and actresses come under the sign of Leo and it's indeed true that your sign is connected with dramatics. You also like to be centre-stage, whether that's on a real stage or just with your pals. And why not? You always have something interesting to say and peoples. attention is naturally drawn to you. And you love it.

But you never just take, take, take. In fact, you are perhaps the most generous sign of the zodiac, giving your time and money and love to anyone you know needs it. (You give the best presents - by far). And when the going gets tough you have another celestial advantage - you can hold your head high and command respect in almost any situation. Sometimes haughty, always dignified, there's rarely any danger of you losing your cool.

But you're not cheap! Leos treat themselves as well as they treat others and you want the best of everything - meals and cars and bits and bobs all fit for a King, of course. You're also contagiously generous and although you can be fiery, you don't often let your temper get the better of you (except when confronted by true nong-heads, of course!) You like others to know their place and anyone who spends enough time around you, certainly learns it. Leo is also the sign of the celebrity. So even if you're not famous yet, use your innate Leo talents to shine like a star wherever you go and whatever you do. You know that you're just a little bit different and you like it just like that. Never ordinary, always distinctive, Leo leads.

23 Sep - 22 Oct
Saturday August 19 What will you be doing at the time of the New Moon eclipse? Moon into Leo: Today the Moon moves into Leo, the sign where the eclipse will soon take place. Here are the eclipse times around the world:New Moon Eclipse at 29 LeoSYDNEY: August 22, 4.30amNEW YORK: August 21, 2.30pmLONDON: August 21, 7.30pmLONDON: August 21, 7.30pmIn another location? Click here for your time zone.I will be in Paris and if I can manage it, I am going to go to the Eiffel Tower to do some wishes - I fancy the spire will be all-the-better to carry them off into the Universe! This is a massive eclipse - I can feel the energy building.This is one of the most wonderful bits of writing I have read about how to describe one ray of the eclipse energy - it's from my astro-pals the Astrotwins from astrostyle.com:"During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon (known as an opposition between the Sun and the Moon). For a brief spell, we can see the Earth's shadow turning the luminous Full Moon intense shades of reds, browns and grays. According to astrology, Lunar Eclipses give us a glimpse into what Carl Jung referred to as the "shadow self." We all want to think of ourselves as good, kind people, but c'mon-we're also human! What we discover about ourselves and others during Lunar Eclipses can be tough to swallow, even shocking. Still, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness, and see where we have room to grow in new directions. Owning the fact that we have emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and rage is the way to get a handle on them. Trying to pretend we're Polly Pure or Sam Straightlaced? That's when our feelings creep up and overwhelm us. If we're willing to accept the good along with the bad, Lunar Eclipses can be magical moments of discovery." Read the whole post here.Tomorrow I will expand on how this process actually liberates us and can boost our ability to manifest our dreams. It's incredible how it's all tied up, I think you will agree.Get your New Moon Info Sheets here - they are the same as last month's as the New Moon eclipse will be in Leo, as was last month's New Moon so if you already have it, refer back!Your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygemCancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces?Sunday August 20 Why you need to work on yourself NOW! Moon in Leo: Yesterday I mentioned about how the Lunar Eclipses can give us a glimpse into what Carl Jung referred to as the "shadow self." We see a side of ourselves that we don't actually love all that much. Depending on where the eclipse hits your chart, you can see what you're shadow self is like at work, when it comes to ambitions, for example, or with your friends or family.Owning up to and just owning our shadow self is one of the biggest self-help works we can do. And for those of us into manifesting, it has an important knock-on effect. In other to manifest, at the time of the New Moon or any other time, we need to emit CLEAR and CLEAN energy. We have to be at one with ourselves. The more we have made peace with ourselves, the better we can manifest.Did you know that famed, great teacher and super-manifestor Jesus said something along the lines of "you can have anything you want if you believe you have it" (ie: believe it and achieve it). However if you also read the rest of this Biblical quote, he adds "but first you must forgive anyone that you have a grudge against!"And that grudge can even be against yourself!If you didn't work with the Full Moon yet, it's still a good time to as we move towards the very end of the waxing cycle. Here's a free-of-charge way to release stuff so that you will be clearer to do your New Moon manifesting TOMORROW!Your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygemCancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces? Monday August 21 The New Moon takes place today! New Moon Eclipse in Leo: So here we have the eclipse! Click here for your New Moon eclipse report.Use the energies today as well as you can. Tap into them. Breathe into them. If you do yoga, meditation or chanting, be very aware of the eclipse as you do your practise. Ask your angels and guides to let you know what you need to do next, ask for information about your best way forwards. The answers will come if you're listening.The New Moon eclipse means you're getting a big restart in life. Which part of your chart it's taking place in will give you a clue as to where in your life you can expect something new and exciting to develop. Eclipses are nothing to fear - move forwards with the idea that something wonderful is about to happen and it really might!I love my fellow Hay House author Robert Holden who talks about how we should not be scared to be happy. So many people think that if they are happy, something bad will happen. They wait for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. They fear that being happy or telling others that they are happy attracts the evil eye or jinxes them somehow.This New Moon is the ideal time to forget about that idea. Have confidence in your ability to have a lovely shiny life. The New Moon eclipse in Leo is a lot about fun, you know!If you didn't get your New Moon Info Sheet last month, get it now to find out which part of your chart the New Moon eclipse is triggering and also to get your free mini manifesting kit. It's all here.Click for your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygemCancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces?Tuesday August 22Why this is the time to manifest your socks offMoon in Virgo: We are still VERY much in New Moon phase. It's the day after the New Moon eclipse and also very much a time to think about doing a New Moon Manifesting ritual. Just light a candle, put on some spiritual music and write down your top 10 wishes for the coming 6 months. This free PDF could help you do it.The thing to remember with manifesting is that if you can believe it, you can achieve it. Our minds are OH so powerful. We just have to unlock any fears that we have around the idea of not being worthy.I've said it twice already in the past few weeks but I will say it again for those who missed it, many people believe that this information is in fact the infamous Holy Grail.If you didn't get your New Moon Info Sheet last month, get it now to find out which part of your chart the New Moon eclipse is triggering and also to get your free mini manifesting kit. It's all here.Click for your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygemCancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces Wednesday August 23 Stay positive about love and money Moon in Virgo: As we move through the New Moon phase, we are headed for a clash between Venus and Uranus.That makes now a great time to make sure you're thinking good thoughts about love and abundance, aka romance and riches. There could be some surprises ahead but if you maintain a positive outlook, they should turn out to be positive, if a tad awkward.The more you can maintain a positive outlook now, the better, as we are in the peak manifesting cycle of the monthly Moon phases. We are out of the eclipse season but still very much feeling the aftermath.If you didn't get your New Moon Info Sheet last month, get it now to find out which part of your chart the New Moon eclipse is triggering and also to get your free mini manifesting kit. It's all here.Click for your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygemCancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces Thursday August 24 [Love and abundance] A special affirmation for today's astrology Moon into Libra: As the Moon moves into Libra ahead of tomorrow's Venus/Uranus clash, try this wonderful affirmation, paraphrased from Hay House head honcho Louise L. Hay, who happens to be Libra:"I spend money wisely and without fear. I know I always have as much as or even more than I need!" Try saying that today as you wander around doing your thing. Libra is the sign associated with the planet Venus so the Moon in Libra will really aid and abet any mental transformation. As Wayne Dyer (who I am feeling strongly around me a I write this!) said "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!"We are still in the waxing cycle so it's still very much time to be manifesting. If you didn't get your New Moon Info Sheet last month, get it now to find out which part of your chart the recent New Moon eclipse is triggering (affecting you for the coming 6 months) and also to get your free mini manifesting kit. It's all here.Click for your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygemCancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces? Friday August 25 Why it's easier to make your dreams real now... Moon in Libra: Today sees the planet Saturn going direct - about to make his last run through the sign of Sagittarius ahead of his decampment for Capricorn which will take place at the end of the year.Saturn has a bad rep but is actually the manifestation planet that helps us to make dreams real.Without Saturn there would be nothing but airy fairy ideas. Saturn is the 'concrete' planet of solid truths.A solid truth emerging now as we move into this new century is that we humans are super-powerful. We just have to learn (Saturn) how to use those powers.The first step in manifesting your dreams is working with Saturn on a day like to day and visualising your goals and seeing them as REAL.I know I have been talking a lot about this lately but we all have dreams and this really is the time to make New Moon magic, especially as we move through the post-eclipse waxing cycle!This part of the lunar cycle is still very much time to be manifesting. If you didn't get your New Moon Info Sheet last month, get it now to find out which part of your chart the recent New Moon eclipse is triggering (affecting you for the coming 6 months) and also to get your free mini manifesting kit. It's all here.Click for your Daily StarsAries #www.moonmessages.com/yariesTaurus #www.moonmessages.com/ytaurusGemini #www.moonmessages.com/ygem Cancer #www.moonmessages.com/ycanLeo #www.moonmessages.com/yleoVirgo #www.moonmessages.com/yvirgoLibra #www.moonmessages.com/ylibraScorpio #www.moonmessages.com/yscorpSagittarius #www.moonmessages.com/ysagCapricorn #www.moonmessages.com/ycapAquarius #www.moonmessages.com/yaqPisces #www.moonmessages.com/ypisces