Tuesday, 21 November 2017

You may be charming, magnetic or hard to refuse today, especially at work. Your boss may be impressed with your attention to detail, or your ability to network with clients and customers. Relationships you develop now can support future success. Reach out to a well-connected or high profile mentor. Make a list of your top 10 wishes and dreams for the month ahead. Click here for your free New Moon wishing guide.

Week beginning Monday, 20 November 2017

You have an amazing chance this week, to blast through a fear. A rare opportunity. Think about your biggest fear; the one which you know is holding you back the most. Not sure? What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail. The fear is what is holding you back. Now think about where it came from. Look at it for what it is; a stupid fear. If you could blast through it this week, what would you do next? For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of November

You may attract attention for all the right reasons this November. The Sun and Venus join lucky Jupiter in Scorpio helping raise your profile. Your reputation can grow in positive ways or you may be publicly recognised for a stellar achievement. Success and fame may arrive, especially as a reward for your past hard work. You get the results you've worked for now. As they arrive, take time to enjoy what you've earned. November 13 looks especially lucky, as Venus and Jupiter work together then. A lucrative offer, happy news or support for the future may arrive.

The Scorpio New Moon on November 18 can unleash your potential, or help you take a bold step in a meaningful direction. Something you begin then has a fortunate quality, so consider starting a special project, job or opportunity then if you can.

Your home, family life and history are highlighted by the Taurus Full Moon on November 4. This will be a great time to make peace with your past, or conduct a healing ritual, especially if want to give or receive forgiveness. Letting go or completing unfinished business then can help set you free.

Mars in Libra can inspire your adventurous side, or help you pursue an interesting course of study. This once in two years cycle can help you embrace adventure, or develop your spirituality. An offer to work or study overseas may arrive. If so, it'll be worth considering. Let your faith inform your choices.

Madcap, unique, zany, eccentric, unusual and dedicated to humanity are the words often used to describe you. Are you bored of those labels? OK. Well there must be some Aquarians out there who do not fit those descriptions but I have yet to meet any of them. Honestly, when I found out that Paris Hilton is a Water Bearer, I felt totally different about her. She probably is as mad as she seems! Aquarians are the mad scientist of the zodiac and you probably know it - she is no doubt conducting some very weird experiment in What It Means To Be Famous. I mean, how UNUSUAL is her life?!

So is there anything that's not amazing about you? Well, sometimes you have a tendency to come across as a teensy bit unapproachable or even detached. Sometimes you might seem just a little bit disconnected from others - including people who love you so much. This is partly because you're an Air sign and you do have a tendency to allow your mind to wander. Which is how you pick up your brilliant ideas. But do be aware - you can come across as Not In Touch With Reality (there's that P. Hilton again) and/or Your Feelings.

Your modern ruling planet is the one with slightly shocking name, Uranus, and you're the one with the ability to really surprise those around you. Uranus also rules electricity and flashes of brilliance, as well as chaos theory. For you, variety is the spice of life. Taking at least one adventure a month suits you well. It doesn't matter what the adventure is, as long as it's pleasant - you love a good surprise. And your friends and beloveds love you because you're so eclectic. Your true fans know that behind your slightly zany ways - and sometimes apparent cool aloofness - is a treasure. Be careful of a tendency to drive people away when you would rather they came closer. You do give off mixed-signals sometimes.

Your world view is one of the most appealling things about you. You see things from a slightly left-of-centre perspective which is not only refreshing but original. Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac, the one who loves to experiment and, as a result, breaks new ground. You have a laissez faire attitude - in fact, for some people it's all too much. Sometimes you're only mistake is having ideas which other people can't get their heads around. You're a fixed sign, which means you can be a little bit stubborn when people aren't seeing things you way. You don't always have time for social niceties either - but your best friends understand that doesn't mean you're not gorgeous.