Hostie reveals how to have sex on a plane

Kristine Tarbert

When someone tells us they’re a member of the super exclusive Mile High Club, the first thought that generally pops into our mind is – how??

Between the cramped space, the sneaking and the possible punishment for public indecency it’s not an easy feet.

So what’s the trick to getting it done 30,000ft in the air.

How do you enter the mile high club? Photo: Getty

Well the secret is finally out.

Thrillist Travel spoke to flight attendants for their top tips and suggestions, because they know exactly how to get away with it.

Turns out it’s quite simple – just start an argument.

The trick is faking an argument. Photo: Getty

‘Say something so inflammatory it forces the other person to get up and leave,” they wrote.

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‘The offended party leaves in a tear-filled huff and locks him or herself in the bathroom.’

Have fake hate-sex in the bathroom. Photo: Getty

After following your partner to the bathroom it’s simple to knock on the door and pretend you are continuing the ‘fight’ in private.

After all, the best sex is make-up sex right??

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