Hot Men Are Taking Nude Shower Selfies To Combat HIV Stigma

Michelle Ruzzene

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By far the sexiest campaign we've seen all year. Photo: Instagram/@ChrisSalvatore.

Want an excuse to look at hot naked men taking a shower?

Here it is.

The hashtag #weareallclean encourages guys to take a shower selfie to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and to coincide with World AIDS Day, held on December 1.

The aim is to inverse the idea that a person who is HIV positive is somehow “dirty” with funds raises going towards New York’s Housing Works.

So far, more than 2000 people have posted their nude soapy selfies to Instagram.

Models to follow on Instagram.

It’s been a great year for social consciousness, with campaigns like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raising funds and awareness about motor neurone disease.

Meanwhile, the #getyourbellyout movement encouraged people with Chron’s disease to proudly display their colostomy bags.

We’ve rounded up some of the steamiest #weareallclean pics we could find.

After all, it’s for a good cause, right?