'World's hottest model' blushes through awkward interview

Bianca Soldani

As one of the most prominent male models right now and the so-called ‘most beautiful man in the world’, Aussie Jordan Barrett is used to doing his fair share of media.

But that didn’t stop The Morning Show hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur teasing him in a TV interview on Thursday.

The hosts jokingly had a bone to pick with the jaw-droopingly gorgeous model after he walked out through their last live interview with him.

Model of the moment Jordan Barrett got grilled by the Morning Show hosts. Photo: Seven

‘Here’s the thing that surprises us,” Larry tells him mid-way through their segment together.

“You’re on the biggest runways in the world… in the spotlight all the time, and yet you come on this little show and you seem a bit nervous, a bit fidgety.

“You’re spinning on the chair, you’re swearing like a criminal – what is it about Kylie that makes you nervous?”

Larry noticed that his guest was fidgeting and spinning around on his chair a lot. Photo: Seven

Flushing pink, Jordan brings up their last awkward encounter and laughs, “Because maybe last time they told me that I walked off while it was live and that was all a mistake.”

“We were talking to you happily, deep in conversation,” Larry grills, “and you decided to get up and walk off!”

He goes on to complain that he expects this segment will go viral for all the swearing Jordan had done, meanwhile Jordan gets them back by walking off screen mid-interview again.

The 21-year-old’s career has sky-rocketed in the past 12 months, and his recent campaign with Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid saw him named as the ‘world’s hottest male model’ at the New York Fashion Week Media Awards in September.

He took to the runway Down Under last night as part of the David Jones Autumn/Winter fashion showcase.

Walking alongside Sports Illustrated beauty Jessica Gomes and Victoria’s Secret model Victoria Lee, he revealed some of the trendiest up and coming looks for men this season.

He finished the interview by walking out while they were still on air. Photo: Seven

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