How eating eggs could be harmful to your health

Liz Tse

You might wanna think twice before reaching for the raw cookie dough...

New research by the Food Safety Information Council reveals that Aussies are putting themselves at risk of food poisoning by eating dishes that include raw egg.

The study shows that 36% of the population eat food which contains raw eggs (think hollandaise, mayonnaise, smoothies and plates such as steak tartare).

Be extra cautious when eating raw egg. Source: Getty Images.

Although eggs are a go-to snack for a lot of us, they can be contaminated by salmonella when laid, which can lead to food poisoning if eaten raw. Eek!

If you're freaking out and currently vowing never to touch an egg again, Australia’s Food Safety Council recommend the following tips to minimise food poisoning.

1. Wash your hands before and after touching eggs to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Meals that do contain raw egg (such as steak tartare) should not be served to those more susceptible to food poisoning (pregnant women, children etc).

Stick to the 6 guidelines and you can minimise the risk of food poisoning. Source: Getty Images.

3. When you get home from the grocery store, put the egg carton in the fridge immediately to keep them fresh for longer.

4. If you accidentally drop a piece of egg shell into what you're cooking, fish it out with a clean fork or spoon and thoroughly cook the mixture.

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5. Don't use visibly cracked eggs as salmonella on the shell could harm the contents inside. Discard the egg or use it in a mixture that will be cooked thoroughly, such as cake.

6. If you're preparing a meal/drink that contains raw egg, consume it immediately or store it at 5˚C.

But you're probably doing that anyway, right?

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