How guys realised their girlfriend WASN’T the one

Kristine Tarbert

Sometimes things just don’t work out.

No matter how much we hope that we’ve finally found THE ONE, the universe has different plans.

It’s pretty simple really, either you are meant for each other, or you end up wanting to bite each other’s heads off.

Some people get a happy ending. Photo: Getty

And now men have revealed in a thread on Reddit what made them realise that their partner wasn’t who they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.

Between feeling more like friends with benefits, finding out she’s lying or even worse, cheating, the guys have laid it all bare.

“When I figured out she cheated on me and still tried to lie to my face about it when I confronted her about it. Most heartbreaking thing I've ever experienced,” one user wrote.

Cheating is a deal-breaker for many. Photo: Getty

“When she promised to be with me forever, and then cheated on me with a local guy in the middle of my parents' divorce,” another shared a similar story.

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Some guys explained they started seeing their girlfriend as just a friend – or realised they weren’t even friends at all.

“We did fun things, but the fun we had wasn't because of the time spent together. It was because of the activities. Our personalities didn't quite fit even as friends,” one wrote.

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One person said he was sick of putting all the work into the relationship.

“I made her family love me, she barely put the effort in to talking to mine. I made the effort to be around her friends, she barely spoke to mine. As long as I was the one putting in the effort, she was happy,” he said.

Guys reveal the reasons on Reddit. Photo: Reddit

In a slightly odd example, someone said their girl was jealous of their future child.

“The baby question came up. She was OUTRAGED that I'm willing to give up my hobbies to make more time for my theoretical future child but I wasn't willing to for her,” he wrote.

“Already jealous of our future child when we're not pregnant yet? Yup, nope, I'm out.”

Were you paying attention ladies?

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