Exclusive: This is exactly how Lisa caught Luke cheating

Olivia Morris

It was shocking to hear Luke McLeod and Lisa Hyde had called it quits after they left Bachelor In Paradise together.

The reason? Luke cheated.

But the way Lisa found out was pretty brutal.

Lisa has revealed the brutal way she found out Luke had cheated on her. Source: Ten

"It was through one of her friends," Lisa exclusively told Be. "I think she'd obviously bragged about it knowing who I am."

Lisa found out the heartbreaking news via Instagram.

Once Lisa confronted the 33-year-old about what she had found out, Luke admitted to cheating.

She found out via Instagram and when she confronted Luke he admitted to cheating on her. Source: Ten

"He opened up and told me," she said.

But Lisa admitted Luke thought she was going to take him back.

"I think he thought I was going to give him a second chance," the 31-year-old admitted.

Apparently, this isn't unknown behaviour from Luke.

Lisa also found out that this is not the first time Luke has cheated on one of his girlfriends. Source: Ten

"To be honest, I heard it's not the first time he's done it," Lisa revealed. "So, it's on him."

The former Bachelor star also hopes Luke will learn from the mistakes he made with her for his next relationship.

"I hope that the next girl he meets he realises how bad he was," she said. "He can’t do it to another girl, it’s not okay."

You tell him, girl.

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