How Tim and Ash spice up their sex life

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Tim Dormer and Ash Toweel have revealed the kinky ways in which they’re keeping the spark alive in their year-long relationship.

From threeways to dress-up, the couple have got it going ON in the bedroom.

“We’re both open to checking out the chicks,” Tim revealed on this morning’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, before shock jock Kyle locked onto a line of questioning about threeways.

Tim Dormer revealed he's in a relationship with Ash Toweel last December. Source: Instagram
Shock jock Kyle left no stone unturned whilst quizzing them on their sex life. Source: Getty

“Was it with Tully?” he probed, referencing Tim’s fellow Big Brother star Tully Smyth, who is gay.

“No, move on,” Tim, who famously slept with pop star Kesha, protested. But Kyle kept pushing.

“Was she hot? She wouldn’t have been a toad.”

The couple knows how to keep the spark alive. Source: Instagram

“Our mums are listening, we’re trying to show them were in a really lovely relationship,” Tim pleaded, refusing to name the woman in question.

He did, however, reveal that if he was looking to impress his other half, he’d opt for a Spiderman suit.

“What do you do? Chase him round the flat?” mocked Kyle before confessing that he and girlfriend Imogen Anthony have a dress-up box.

Both say they are still attracted to women. Source: Instagram

What’s more, he admitted to smooching girls at events when Ash nips to the loo.

“I just get carried away,” he said.

“If they come up to him, he can’t be like ‘no,’ he’s like (kissing noises)” confirmed Ash.

Kyle questioned whether they'd had a threesome with Tully. Source: Instagram

The couple have been together for a year now, but enjoyed a “party pash” before he went on Big Brother in 2013.

But it wasn’t until he went overseas to film Big Brother Canada last year that things got serious.

“I’m glad it wasn’t shown in Australia because there was a girl in there they put me in a showmance with,” he told the radio show.

Tim after winning Big Brother in 2013. Source: AAP

“I chucked a tanty on final night, knew I was in love with Ash, and it got to that point where I was done playing these games. I realised my prize was back home.”

For their first date, the pair drank beers in a cave in North Bondi, before exchanging “I love yous” at Watson’s Bay almost 12 months on.

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But Tim admitted he’s shocked that he’s managed to find the real deal.

“I never thought I would find someone who would love me,” he said. “I’m very opinionated, very competitive, and not needy at all. And Ash is so lovely.”

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