How to Apply Highlighter (Once and For All)

Yahoo! NZ

Kardashian-level contouring is not for everyone. (Or most people, for that matter.) But a little extra definition? We’re all for it. Watch our fabulous beauty editor Jenny teach you how to use highlighter to accentuate all your best features. Step 1: Start with a powder highlighter and a fan brush. Brush on like the letter "C," starting from the end of your brow bone and ending at the top of your cheekbone. Step 2: Then swipe right down the middle of your nose and lightly dust your cupid’s bow (aka that dip just above your lips). Step 3: Lastly, grab a cream highlighter. Using a brush or your finger, dot some on the inner corners of your eyes and just under your brows. You’re simply glowing, dahling.