How to get a Victoria’s Secret booty, according to an Aussie angel

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Every year when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show rolls around, many of us are left in awe of the models.

Toned abs, firm booty and amazing skin; there is no denying that these girls are a rare breed.

But have you ever wondered what actually goes into getting the body of an angel?

Turns out they weren’t just born this way – of course having good genetics helps, but there is also a whole heap of blood, sweat and tears behind it.

Former Victoria Secret Model and Nude by Nature Ambassador shares her workout secrets Source: Getty

Be chatted to Nude by Nature Ambassador and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Elyse Taylor, and it turns out even the model finds it’s an uphill battle getting a firm booty.

“I’m always focused on trying to lift and sculpt that area as much as possible because it seems to have zero muscle memory and I’m forever starting from square one,” she says.

Elyse's booty workout is totally achievable. Source: Instagram / Elyse Taylor

The Aussie babe’s booty workout is actually not that insane, we could do totally do this at home if we could be bothered to get up from the couch.

Elyse uses a combination of leg weights and low impact high repetition exercises (like squats and medicine ball exercises) to reach her #bootylicious goals.

And it turns out, lifting heavy duty weights isn’t essential. Elyse says, “I have never used a lot of weights I use my leg weights for my legs and glute workouts.

“I really try to elongate my muscles not bulk up”.

Cardio, cardio and more cardio is also an essential part of Elyse’s regime - and we’re not talking about brisk walks or light jogs.

Elyse commits herself to five or six 90-minute cardio sessions per week.

These sessions are broken down into 30-minute blocks, starting on the treadmill followed by a session on a stair master or elliptical trainer, and finishing with a floor routine - talk about commitment.

Elyse commits herself to five or six 90-minute cardio sessions per week. Source: Supplied

Model life requires a whole lot of travelling, and Elyse’s secret weapon to keep on top of her exercise when trotting the globe is packing a skipping rope.

Still dedicating herself to her standard 90 minute workouts, she uses the skipping rope to get her heart rate racing, goes for a run or uses hotel facilities – gym or pool.

Elyse uses 'Nude by Nature' products to maintain her flawless complexion Source: Supplied

Let’s face it, exercise can be terrible for you skin, but Elyse says she uses Nude by Nature products because, “they have no synthetic ingredients or preservatives”.

So when you’re sweating like crazy, no synthetic products are being absorbed into your skin #winning. But when those unavoidable pimples do hit, Elyse’s saving grace is the brand’s Flawless Concealer, as it ‘hides any blemishes and enhances your complexion’.

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