The secret behind making perfect poached eggs

Sarah Carty

We’re not going to lie, nine out of ten times when we try to make a poached egg it ends up a runny mess on our plate.

Despite swirling the water before cracking the egg in and timing it to perfection, we’re never guaranteed to get it right.

But now it’s been revealed that there’s actually simple hacks you need to know before you can get restaurant-worthy eggs.

Here's how to make perfect eggs every time. Photo: Getty Images

Good Housekeeping Institute Cookery School's head chef Cher Loh explained that the secret behind her amazing poached eggs is actually all down to using a sieve.

Step one is making sure you pick wisely at the supermarket and try to get the freshest eggs possible.

Next, you let the water simmer instead of intensely boil, as when you put the egg in, bubbles will cause the eggs to break.

Then add some vinegar to the water before swirling it around in circles.

Step four is probably the most interesting one, as Loh recommends first cracking the egg into a sieve before placing it gently in the water.

There's one simple hack you need to know about. Photo: Getty Images

She claims this separates the egg from the white stringy parts left over, which interfere with the water once they get in there.

While she doesn’t recommend a certain time, she claims you will know the egg is cooked once the white part looks less opaque but still wobbly.

Finally scoop out the egg and put it on a paper towel to absorb any excess water.

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