Here's how to send a care package to Aussie troops

Kristine Tarbert

There is nothing better than spreading joy at Christmas time, so spare a thought for the Aussie troops overseas that miss out on being with their families.

Thankfully there is a way to send some cheer their way and it’s completely free.

Care packages can be sent to the Middle East, to both male and female personnel, as long as they strictly comply with Australia Post guidelines.

Time to get wrapping for Aussie troops. Photo: Getty

To qualify for free postage packages can weigh no more than 2kgs and should be packed in a ‘BM’ size box, which cost approximately $2.

It’s also suggested you don’t hold back on the packing tape to make sure everything arrives.

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Australia Post will send packs to troops for free if they adhere to guidelines. Photo: Supplied

Fill out a Customs Form and you’re good to go. To send a care package to an Australian soldier, sailor, airman or airwoman in the Middle East, address the package to the following:

An Australian Soldier
Christmas Mail
Middle East Operations
Australian Defence Force

If you wish to send a specific package to a female, change the first line to ‘An Australian Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Airwoman – Female’

Not sure exactly what to send? Apparently lollies are one of the most popular items. Otherwise here are some general suggestions and guidelines.

Toiletries are a good option to include. Photo: Getty

What you can include
Deodorant (non aerosol)
Shaving cream (non aerosol)
Small bottle of talcum powder
Disposable razors
Shower Gel
Lip Balm
Perfume samples (non glass)

Instant Noodles
Small tinned consumables
Non-perishable foods

Lollies are a favourite among our troops overseas. Photo: Getty

Other ideas:
Magazines – from Vogue to Men’s Health
Puzzle books
Letters of support
Stamped, self addressed envelopes – this way soldiers can thank you for the donation

What not to include
• Pornographic material
• Alcoholic beverages
• Clothing (except socks)
• Pork products
• Cigarettes
• Chocolate (if sending to warm climates)

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