Want more sleep? Your partner can help

Bianca Soldani

Do you feel better after debriefing with your S.O. at the end of the day? Well, there may be some scientific research to suggest why.

A new study has noticed a direct connection between sharing good news with your partner and the quality of your sleep.

After following 162 married and defacto military couples for a month, researchers found that people fell asleep faster and reported having a better night’s rest after talking about the positive things that happened to them that day.

Sharing your daily triumphs with your S.O. could help you sleep better. Photo: Getty Images

They didn’t even have to share big news, but rather little wins like acing a task at work, hearing something sweet from a friend or beating your personal best at the gym.

Interestingly however, the way your partner responds to the news is crucial to the results.

As part of the experiment, the couples were asked to keep a journal recording (among other things) the highlights of their day, whether they shared them with their partner, how their partner responded, and how well they slept.

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Afterwards researchers concluded that it was only when the person’s partner reacted positively to their news and shared in their excitement that they slept better.

“For a long time, researchers only focused on what happens when we share bad news, when we’re stressed out and we go home and vent to our partners,” the study’s lead author Sarah Arpin, PhD, from Gonzaga University, USA tells Health.

“But now we know that it’s equally important, if not more important, to share the good stuff—that people can really benefit from such a simple act.”

So there you have it, asking your S.O. about their day isn’t as mundane as you may have thought.

And just in case you needed another excuse to squeeze in some more shuteye, a good night’s sleep is apparently also good news for your sex life!

A study done back in 2015 found that women’s sexual desire and arousal increased when well rested.

Apparently a better night's sleep is also good new for your sex life. Photo: Getty Images

In fact, after following 171 women over a two-week period, the researchers concluded that your chance of getting between the sheets increases by 14 per cent for every extra hour of sleep you get the night before.

Like all good relationships, the connection between sex and sleep is a reciprocal one - so just as more sleep can help your sex life, your sex life can also improve your sleep quality.

Thanks to the concoction of satisfaction-inducing hormones released after an orgasm, many people find they’re able to fall asleep faster and have an overall better night’s sleep after a session.

A survey of close to 300 Australians commissioned by The Goodnight Co recently noted that over 60 per cent of people say their sleep improves after an orgasm.

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