Huge snowdrifts seen in Devon during Storm Emma

Huge snow drifts at least three metres deep were seen on March 2 along the road in the village of Meldon in Devon, England.

The footage was taken by a local lady pushing her child in a stroller along the main road.

The freezing conditions are due to the arrival of Storm Emma, which made landfall in southwest England late in the night on March 1.

Coming on the heels of the "Beast from the East" polar vortex, this marks the third day running of heavy snow and ice across the UK. Further travel delays and utility failures in rural areas are expected.

The Met Office has issued a second red alert snow warning for areas of southwest England and Wales, signifying a risk to life. It's predicted that Emma will bring up to 50 cm of snowfall across these areas as it moves north, and the Army has been called in to aid stranded travelers and to ensure emergency services stay running.