Hugh braves shark scare

Carly Williams

Not even Jaws can stop our Hugh Jackman from getting the guns out for a dip!

Hugh swimming at Bondi Beach despite yesterday's shark scare. Photo: Mega

The Aussie actor is known for fighting off baddies as Wolverine but today just proved he's not scared of a little ol' shark!

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Hugh had to haul himself out of the water at Sydney's Bondi Beach with other swimmers on Friday morning after the shark alarm went off around 8am.

Hugh giving zero cares about potential sharks in the water. Photo: Mega

The 48-year-old dad was swimming with a mate at the time but no injuries were reported.

So what does our very own super hero do the very next morning?

Hugh Jackman at Sydney's Bondi Beach. Photo: Mega

Heads to the same sharky spot for a morning swim because, well, he's Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman at Bondi. Photo: Mega
Hugh Jackman. Photo: Mega
Hugh Jackman. Photo: Mega
Hugh Jackman. Photo: Mega
Hugh Jackman. Photo: Mega
Hugh Jackman. Photo: Mega

Friday's incident wasn't the first time Hugh's been caught up in high drama at Bondi.

Remember back in March when he had to save his son Oscar after the teenager was caught in a rip?

Hugh and his son Oscar walking in New York City. Photo: Splash

He also helped out other swimmers that day.

The actor is in Sydney for the festive season and seems to be loving the Aussie summer weather, taking to social media to show off his sunny pics.

That's our Hugh.

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