Hugh Jackman's birthday with Ryan Reynolds

Amy Stevenson

He may be working on his birthday but Hugh Jackson will still be celebrating with one very famous actor buddy.

Chatting to Triple J Grill Team, Hugh told the radio panel that his good friend Ryan Reynolds flew all the way to Atlanta just to celebrate his 49th birthday with him. Listen to Hugh share his birthday plans above.

Hugh and Ryan are ready for some birthday celebrations. Source: Getty
The actor told Triple M's Grill Team about his birthday celebrations. Source: Instagram

“[I'm] working in Atlanta doing a movie here, and then I’ll go out tonight to a nice steak restaurant with my buddy, with my best mate out here - Ryan Reynolds. He flew in especially," the Wolverine star told the breakfast show.

When asked whether or not Ryan was in the area, Hugh told the team: "No he’s just flew in, you know because he’s my best mate and he said I want to be there on your big day."

And while Hugh was happy to be spending his birthday celebrations with the Deadpool actor, there as one member of the Grill Team who wasn't too happy with Ryan taking out the title of Hugh's "best friend" - Gus Worland.

Thumbs up if you like birthdays. Source: Getty
Ryan and Hugh have been pals for years. Source: Instagram
However Hugh's long-term pal Gus Worland wasn't happy with Ryan! Source: Instagram

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Chiming in, the radio personality was quick to ask Hugh who his "best friend" is, before his long-time pal backtracked and said it was Gus, and definitely not the hunky actor.

"No Ryan Reynolds, I’m just going to be home on my own, you know how it is," Hugh joked to the team trying to make his buddy feel better.

Hugh and Gus have been friends for many years. Source: Instagram

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