Hugh Jackman burst his stitches on set of The Greatest Showman

Rebekah Scanlan

Hugh Jackman has proved he's dedicated to his job after revealing he burst his stitches after having a cancerous mole removed, whilst singing in The Greatest Showman.

The Aussie actor had his fifth skin cancer scare in early 2016 which involved a suspicious mole being sliced away from his nose, whilst in the midst of preparing for the highly anticipated Hollywood flick.

Despite being advised not to sing by his doctor, Hugh proved he really is a great showman and continued on, resulting in his stitches bursting open.

Hugh Jackman has shared a video of him singing for The Greatest Showman, but it ended in disaster when his stitches burst. Source: Instagram/HughJackman
Just hours earlier he'd had 80 stitches in his nose after having a cancerous mole removed and was told not to sing, pictured here following the surgery in 2016. Source: Instagram/HughJackman

In a video shared to his social media accounts ahead of the Sydney premiere tonight, Hugh explains that before to get the movie the green light a meeting of all the execs, producers and the director needed to happen.

It took eight months for this meeting in New York to take place, but the day before Hugh had emergency surgery to remove a suspicious mole.

Hugh Jackman needed to perform during an important meeting to get approval for the movie to go ahead. Source: 20th Century Fox

"I'd just had a skin cancer cut out of my nose, all was fine," the Wolverine star said. "But I had 80 stitches in my nose and my doctor said, 'you're not allowed to sing.'"

Despite the stern medical advice, Hugh, 49, realised that not singing wasn't an option if he wanted the musical to proceed.

Fans have praised Hugh, seen here in 2016, for his dedication to his work. Source: Getty

The five minute video then cuts to the previously unseen rehearsals, where the Golden Globe winner starts belting out his tune until his face literally bleeds.

"Sorry (not sorry) to my surgeon," he added on Instagram. "He told me not to sing. Did it anyway. And after... I ran back to get restitched. Worth it!!!"

Hugh stars alongside Michelle Williams. Source: 20th Century Fox

The movie about a legendary performer P. T. Barnum, who is credited with inventing the circus, also stars hunky Zac Efron and Michelle Williams.

Fans have taken to social media to praise the Sydney native and admire his work ethics.

Hugh has since gone on to have a sixth cancer scare at the start of this year, and used the opportunity to warn fans to "use suncreen."

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