WATCH: Hysterical woman 'screams, punches herself after watching horror film'

Horror movies are known for causing nightmares, but the latest instalment of the Conjuring franchise appears to have sent one hysterical viewer to hospital.

The Brazilian woman was filmed screaming and coughing uncontrollably outside a Teresina cinema, apparently after sitting through a ‘Annabelle: Creation’, the story of a murderous doll possessed by a demon.

Footage shows friends desperately attempting to calm the 20-year-old who reportedly started punching herself in the face as she ran from the cinema.

It is unclear if the video is part of a viral marketing campaign for the film, however local media reported that emergency services were forced to use a wheelchair in order to remove the woman from the shopping centre.

The woman reportedly punched herself in the face after leaving the cinema. Source: YouTube
Annabelle: Creation tells the tale of how a porcelain-faced doll becomes possessed by a demon. Source: Warner Bros.

It was reported that she became increasingly uncomfortable towards the climax of the film when the devil appeared.

“She was really nervous and could not explain to anyone what was happening," a mall official said.

Officials say they cannot determine what caused the events, or her behaviour.