Rainbow quinoa nori rolls

  • Serve 1
  • Preparation time: PT10m
  • Cooking time:


2 nori sheets.
1/2 cup cooked quinoa.
1/4 avocado sliced.
1 small (100g) Lebanese cucumber, cut into sticks.
1 small (100g) carrot, grated.
handful of snow pea sprouts.
1 small beetroot, grated.
2 tablespoons tamari, to serve.


1. Lay nori sheets on a flat surface. Place the quinoa across each nori sheet, leaving a 2cm border at the top edge of each.

2. Divide salad ingredients and place along one edge of each nori roll.

3. Moisten the top edge of nori sheet with a little water and then carefully roll away from you. Seal nori roll with moistened edge.

4. Dip in tamari to serve.


We recommend making these just before serving. If you eat lunch at work or away from your kitchen, pack prepped veggies and quinoa in a container. Wrap nori sheets in cling wrap or foil and construct as per instructions below at lunchtime.