Aussie mum: 'I was a professional honey trapper'


An anonymous suburban mum who ran her own honey-trapping business for three years gives Be an insight into the types of clients using the service and their sometimes bizarre reasons.

Mrs J - as we'll call her - ran the business Australia wide and charged between $250 and $1,000 for an attractive female to approach husbands or boyfriends in public places to see if they would “cross the line” in their relationships.

Mrs J ran a successful business 'honey-trapping' men into cheating (posed by models). Source: Getty

Sitting at the dimly lit Sydney bar, I flash a coy smile at the guy across from me while subtly making sure my ample cleavage is visible.

It doesn’t take long for him to saunter over and buy me a drink and while we spend the evening laughing, flirting and making plans to meet again.

Honey traps need to have the art of seduction down pat. Source: Getty

I won’t be calling him back, because my husband is waiting outside to collect me and the contact number I have handed over is not even mine – it’s for a new SIM card that now belongs to his wife.

It’s all in a night's work for a honey-trapper. $250 for your peace of mind. And business is booming.

But it may surprise you to know that the story above, while completely true, is actually a rare occurrence. I’m sure it’s what everyone expects.

Surprisingly, it's not always long-suffering wives who hire honey traps (posed by models). Source: Getty

Giving poor, suffering wives the proof they need to kick their cheating partners to the curb.

Except that in fact, the majority of my bookings are not quite so straightforward.

Most are sadly fueled by jealously. Paranoid and completely crazy partners with no apparent reason often put decent and faithful blokes to the test.

Sometimes women are right to be suspicious, but other times it's paranoia taking over. Source: Getty

In fact, half the time these guys don’t even go out on boys' nights, have after-work drinks, travel for business or even spend a lot of time at the gym. When or where they would be having an affair is anyone’s guess.

We have had to resort to knocking on some poor chap's door with “free vouchers for a survey,” to even get them alone.

This guy's clearly busted. Source: Getty

And then, when they pass with flying colours, his still-suspicious other half questions whether we “tried hard enough.” Other than naked cartwheels on the lawn there was really nothing more we could have done.

And there was the time I was actually hired by a sneaky mistress, posing as the wife. She printed out the photos and pinned up the evidence all over their small town in the hope his actual wife would see sense and said husband would finally be hers.

As told to Be.

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